If you're looking to understand what the Adobe acquisition of Workfront means to your business, marketing, and IT strategy, you've come to the right place. Our experts know Workfront and Adobe products inside and out, so we want to shed some light on the immediate questions that we've all had since the acquisition was announced.

We're offering four webinars to cover a range of topics based on business interests and team focus. Take a look below and register for any, or all, of the webinars that you're interested in. Don't see a topic that you would like more detail on? Just reach out and we'd be happy to share any insights that we have.

Adobe’s Acquisition of Workfront is Bigger Than You Think | Learn How and Why from the Experts

March 9, 2021

See why Adobe & Workfront is a monumental change for marketing execution and success. Learn about the features of Workfront, how Adobe customers can take their marketing and content game to new levels to drive value for the entire organization, and how IT teams can leverage Workfront for enhanced marketing collaboration. 

Drive Efficiency and Maximize the Success of Your Marketing Strategy with Adobe Experience Manager Assets + Marketo Engage + Workfront

April 7, 2021

Curious about the new support and elements that Adobe Workfront brings to your other Adobe software systems? Join our experts to see how you can achieve efficiencies through a seamless work solution. Learn how to become a leader in the industry by utilizing automation between platforms to accelerate your workstreams, eliminate redundancies, and maximize collaboration.

  • Kris Jenkins | Senior Director, Strategic Technology Partners, Adobe Workfront
  • Kendall Legris | Client Services Manager, LeapPoint
  • Don McAdang | Managing Director, Commercial Services, LeapPoint
  • Dan Swain | Director of Sales Engineering, Adobe Workfront

Drive Marketing Personalization, Measurement & ROI With Adobe + Workfront

May 25, 2021

Marketers are challenged with demonstrating value and impact at every touchpoint. Data across multiple platforms must be joined and transformed into actionable insights -- to enable valuable measurements and improve customer experiences -- also proving your worth as a modern marketer! Join our webinar with LeapPoint experts to see how you can maximize success through personalization, campaign measurement and ROI with Adobe + Workfront.

  • Don McAdang | Managing Director, Commercial Services, LeapPoint
  • Gagan Soodan | Director, Strategic Solutions

How to Achieve Connected Work™ for the Enterprise with Adobe & Workfront

June 22, 2021

Connected Work's ultimate vision is the connected enterprise: an entire organization working together to drive unparalleled outcomes by aligning shared goals and execution in a seamless network of systems. Join the final webinar of our series when we showcase the power of Adobe and Workfront not just to improve Marketing and IT functions but to transform the way your company works from start to finish.

  • Jen Krempa | Director of Strategy & Business Intelligence, LeapPoint
  • Don McAdang | Managing Director, Commercial Services, LeapPoint

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